From Molecule to Metaphor:
A Neural Theory of Language

M2M Cover

From Molecule to Metaphor

A Neural Theory of Language

Jerome A. Feldman, MIT Press, 2006

Welcome to, the web page for "From Molecule to Metaphor".
The paperback edition is now available at $18.00.

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The continuing development of the Neural Theory of Language can be tracked at the ECGweb wiki .

The main purpose of this site is to serve as a platform for the continuing pursuit of a Unified Cognitive Science as suggested in the book. Use the Reader Comments link in the  left navigation pane to send comments at any level, from typos to alternative formulations of the driving question: How does the brain compute the mind? Selected reader comments will be displayed, possibly with a response, but this is not a blog.

 The Updates link primarily contains correction to the hardcover edition. It is organized by Section and currently contains errata, a few newer references, and some figures that could not be printed in the book. It is obviously impossible to cover everything, but I will try to link to the most relevant new results, including yours.

The other links are standard and will also appear on all subsequent pages. Clicking Welcome will always return you to this page.

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